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Help for Job Seekers

How to apply to a job on Happy Coffee Jobs?

You start with just a simple message to indicate that you're interested ... in the job with just your contact info. It'll follow with a quick conversation between you and the hiring manager to see if there's a good fit. If there is, the hiring manager and you will proceed with the process laid out by the coffee shops.

What is Happy Coffee Jobs?

We're a job board that focuses on coffee shops. Hiring managers can ... post jobs for full/part time positions and find temps. For job seekers, we make it easy for you to apply for jobs. You can start off with a quick message to the hiring manager to get a sense of what the job and what the coffee shop is like, then move forward with a more formal application process with resumes and interviews. We feel our job board stands out because we talk frequently with coffee shop owners and their employees to understand their needs. And we ourselves have worked in the restaurant field for over 10 years.

Is there a fee to apply?

No, there are no fees for job seekers. There's a fee for employers to ... promote their job and find temps. Feel free to apply to as many jobs as you like, there's no charge, no limitation. We're here to help you find that amazing job where you feel good about going in every day.

Will people see my name and contact info?

No, the job board will only show your first name for your profile. And ... it will show your work experience just like Linkedin.

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